This week in the galleries was pretty cray, there was a roomwhere all the walls were mirrors which I really enjoyed, there was this other part in the Gatov where there were eyes being projected onto the floor which was pretty creepy but there were also photographs of these tough looking and intimidating guys.


At first I was like,”uh okay…” but once I looked closely and read the artist’s statement, I saw that these men were fresh out of county jail in LA. My first thought was, “wow whoever this person was who photographed them mustbe really brave and probably a guy.” but you know that’s just me judging a book by it’s cover because these people are human beings first of all and they have feelings and families and they aren’t perfect, we all make mistakes and who am I to judge? who knows what their motives where. I was wrong about the artist too because she wasn’t a man, she was obviously a girl whose father is in jail as well. This is the reason she wanted to so this as her piece, to try and understand and see the correctional system up close, because her dad has been serving his time for 12 years and it must be hard. Nobody in my family has ever been to jail so I can’t imagine what that could be like and I don’t know what they’re going through, the inmates and their families. Seeing these photographs gave me a new perspective on inmates, the artist says they were photographed in the clothes that they were arrested in and thIMG_9217at they were also photographed right after they were out for the first time since then. The artist also included their names as well as their street names which I thought was pretty cool. One of them was Stretch and the other Grouchy and I thought that just added a bit of character to the whole thing.Β 

I’m actually kind of sad that this is the last post about the art galleries for this class, it was fun and interesting to look at everything, I definitely learned that art is much more than drawing and paintings and having obvious meanings. Art can be complex or simple and its everywhere! I will continue to appreciate art in this new way, of being open-minded on what is considered art.

Thank you Candace Wakefield for sharing your work and sharing your story.


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