IMG_9138.PNGThis week I had the pleasure of meeting Uriel, a sophomore at Long Beach State. He came in as an undeclared major but he says he takes an interest in mathematics and might major in that but there’s other possibilities. He’s also thinking about minoring in history or political science. He has two older sisters that go to Cal State Long Beach so that’s what influenced him to go there as well. Uriel is also an avid car fanatic, he likes the mechanics of it and sound systems. I asked him why he doesn’t major in that instead but he says it would’ve been easier if he went to a trade school to do that but it would’ve been more expensive. That’s when he brought up his crew: The Broke Back Squad. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is that!? Haha it’s a thing he made up. I thought it was kind of funny, when asked what it was about he said it’s just a crew for broke students like himself, by the way he was the only member. To join all you have to be is broke haha sign me up!
Anyway, I asked Uriel if he had any pets and he says he has 2 dogs and what…30 chickens!!! That’s crazy and cool! How does one keep up with 30 chickens! He says they keep them in chicken coops. He also has a fish tank with no fish but he says he’s gonna get some soon. I also asked him what his favorite color is which he says is blue but he also says he likes white because he wears that a lot. I also asked Uriel about his favorite sports which include soccer and basketball. He says he likes soccer but doesn’t really pay to any of the teams in the Mexican league, he likes European soccer better and I don’t blame him! His favorite team is Manchester United, which won this weekend against Arsenal. Internationally however, he is a fan of Mexico. His favorite basketball team is the Boston Celtics which I was very surprised by because you know we’re in LA! But it’s cool lol
The last question I asked Uriel was what he thought about art and he gave me a great answer: he believes art is a great way to express yourself and that art is everywhere, it’s literally everywhere and it’s amazing. Well Uriel, you are a pretty cool person with your 30 chickens and all! Ha! Check out Uriel’s website to find out more about him!


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