IMG_9111.JPGThis week I was amazed by the works of Jeff Dulla! The Gatov was full of BFA work but the pieces that stood out to me were “Cyclical Nature” and “Chaos” by Jeff Dulla. The artist wasn’t there so I couldn’t tell him how amazing his work is! In his artists’ statement he says that the complexities of nature can not be seen with a naked eye but it can be felt and I definitely felt something while looking at his work. I love both of his pieces but the one that caught my eye first was “Cyclical Nature”, it just amazes me.

The reason why I love it so much is because of the colors he used, the dark blues and the bright reddish color of the moon, and the contrast between that and the dark water, it’s just amazing, this is the type of art that I can look at all day. The artist however shows us a different side to what the ocean usually looks like and as he said, he wants to show us what we can’t see or fail to see. Dulla also mentions in his statement that he uses abstract elements to represent the rhythm and flow of nature into his work. I love nature so when I saw “Chaos” I was elated.

This piece to me looked like 2 different kingdoms separated by a barrier, one side is green and one red but there are golden buildings on both sides. While I was looking at it with my friend AnnaJoy, she said that it looked majestic, and it really did! I said it reminded me of Narnia…ahh the childhood feels! I just simply cannot express how this made me feel and how much it makes me appreciate the beauty of nature. This all just comes to show that we have different point of views on things and to others it may look like something completely different but I applaud Jeff Dulla on his amazing work and thank him for sharing his beautiful work with us.


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