This week, our assignment is to teach one. FUN. I am a great teacher. #sarcasm

I decided that I should show the people (you) how to make origami cranes, so here it is.

I’m sorry I suck at the steps but I got it done, and also I used my little 6 year old sister to record this so it’s not the beast quality…sorry.

The reason I chose to do cranes was because when I was in middle school, one of my friends at the time taught me how to make them during class and I had a little phase. I started making them everyday, and I remember my backpack used to be full of a bunch of little post-it cranes. The reason I kept making them was because my friend told me if I made a thousand, I would have good luck, and as a gullible little 10 year old, I believed him. Either way, I kept making them, whenever I was bored. It was also a bit therapeutic, folding the little pieces of paper eased my mind and I still do it today whenever I’m bored in class. I was a weird kid, and I still am. Enjoy and thank you.


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