Picture from Allison Wendell’s website

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Maeghan, a 2nd year and criminal justice major at Long Beach. I first met Maeghan because we were standing in the same little group and as everyone left because they found they’re interviewees we were the only ones left, this allowed me to be courageous enough to ask her if she needed anyone to interview. When she said she did, I was so relieved! This was the easiest week to find a partner, I wish every week were this easy.

Anyway, Maeghan is from Northern California! Just like Allison! I think this is so cool! As a southern California native, all I want to do is go north to see the nature and the wilderness and see how the other half lives haha. Maeghan comes from a city namedΒ Brentwood, which I have no idea where that’s at but it’s located up north. However, she is originally from San Jose since she was born there. She also lived in Reno Nevada, which she says is her favorite state (Nevada) because you get the best of both worlds, the hot weather and blue skies during the summer and the cold weather and snow during the winter. Maeghan says that the reason she wanted to be in criminal justice was because of CSI: Las Vegas, I love that show too! It also inspired me when I was younger to want to be a CSI.

For fun, Maeghan likes to read, write, hike, and hangout with her boyfriend whenever she can since he lives in NorCal. Good news though! In January he’s coming down here and they will be moving in together in their own place! How exciting! As of now, she lives with a family friend in Buena Park, right next to Knotts Berry Farm, she says she can hear the screams from her house, that must get pretty annoying. She also loves going to Disneyland, WHO DOESN’T!? it’s the happiest place on earth!!! (except for those lines). She has a premium annual pass which includes free parking, how lucky! She says she wants to try the mickey mouse pretzels and that Disneyland has the best pickles hands down. Her favorite rides are Indiana Jones and Ariel.

Maeghan also likes art, her favorite forms being photography, drawing, and more recently, painting. She’s recently gotten into gouache painting,which is a form of painting by mixing oil paints and watercolors. Maeghan also speaks french and sings! Maeghan says she took 3 years of French in high school with a French exchange student, how freaking cool is that! She claims to be better at writing in French than speaking it, but either way she’d love to go to France and Ireland. Maeghan also took singing lessons for 2 years from an American Idol contestant who made it to the top ten! One of the things that Maeghan and I bonded over were the Fifty Shades of Grey books!!! Finally!! Someone other than Allison has read and likes these books! I like you Maeghan!

Maeghan was one of the most interesting persons I interviewed this semester and I’m glad I got the chance to.

By the way, I was one of those people who said M&M when I heard her name, sorry LOL.

Check out Maeghan’s website to find out more about how awesome she is!


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