As I roamed the galleries this week, I felt uninspired. Most of the art even though it was colorful did not appeal to me. The first time I walked around, I didn’t like anything and I was pretty disappointed. I thought, “Great, there’s nothing I like and nothing that catches my attention, what am I going to write about!?” However, while my friend Stephanie and I were walking around, we stopped to look at this masterpiece created by Romina del Castillo. Because all of her works were mostly black and white, I didn’t pay much attention to them but once Stephanie and I stopped to look, I really looked at the art. At first I thought, “what is that frame? is it a window, or a portrait, a mirror maybe?” Once we started talking to del Castillo, she said its a mirror and the girl in the reflection is herself! I thought that was pretty cool! But what really blew my mind was that she was drawing herself, while she was drawing herself! It’s like inception! it’s a drawing within a drawing and I think this is the coolest thing ever like I was really amazed. There’s so many things happening in this drawing I don’t even know how to word it. She drew this while she was drawing a different portrait of a saint holding a baby which you can see a little picture of at the top left of the mirror. The reason she is using the mirror is because she is drawing herself as the saint. She calls this appropriates imagery. The saint is from Peru, which is where she is from. This piece took her weeks to draw, especially because she drew them all at the same time. She used charcoal, chalk and pastels on this piece which are her favorite mediums.

As for the meaning of all her works, she says that none of them have only one meaning. She likes being ambiguous and says that they’re open to many meanings, letting the viewer interpret their own meanings. I think this is great because it allows us to participate in her art. This is amazing work. It was great to speak to Romina del Castillo to learn more about her art pieces.

Learn more about Romina del Castillo, with the tag delcastillo   


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