Pic from Allison Wendell’s website

This is Melanie Colli, friends with Christine who I interviewed last week. Melanie is a third year at Long Beach State and is undeclared but states that she will be going into film, more specifically, screenwriting. She also says she wants to make a video game that tells a story and will impact people’s lives, and that has character development, which I think is cool because she actually wants it to mean something.

My first real question for Melanie, as I always ask my interviewees, was what she thought/thinks of the class. After a bit of hesitation she responded by saying it’s fun, she says, ” it just, it challenged me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone.” I feel you Melanie! Talking to other people I don’t know is still challenging, talking to the artist’s is the worst though because I know nothing about art. Melanie on the other hand has some drawing expertise. She is an avid anime fan and her work consists of drawing anime characters, she’s even created her own characters, which is amazing! Melanie is also a video-game lover, some of her favorites include: King of Hearts, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon.

I also asked Melanie if she’s been to Comic-Con, she hasn’t gone but she’s been to an anime expo. She says she does dress up in costume to go to these events but this year, instead of buying a costume, she wants to make one! Since she loves anime so much, I asked her about her favorite shows, which include Fairy Tail , Naruto , Yu-Gi-Oh! (which I LOVED as a kid), and Sailor Moon , which is more of a childhood, nostalgic show as she says.

I also asked her where she would like to travel, her obvious answer: Japan. Of course she’d want to go to Japan, it’s the home of anime. She says, ” There are so many things I would buy there, so many places I can see.” She also says she wants to go to a Maids cafe, which is like cosplay where the maids act like actual anime characters, she says she’d also like to go to a bunny cafe. I never knew these existed, but now I know (lol).

Find out more about Melanie on her website, here. One of her hobbies includes writing, and her talent can definitely be seen there.


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