This week in Art110, I waFullSizeRenders able to meet a fellow freshman at Long Beach State!

Honestly, I was relieved to find Christine and Melanie, and they were relieved to find me! They both interviewed me, but I interviewed Christine this week as Allison swooped in and interviewed Melanie.

Christine went to Ocean View High School and has 3 older siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister. Two of her siblings go to college and her oldest brother is in the Navy. Christine is also an accounting major which she was exposed to at her in the Business Academy program.

During her free time, Christine likes to play video games, mostly RPG’s, which are role-playing games, and she’s currently playing Fire Emblem: Awakening on her 3DS. She also likes Anime, her favorite being Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai. Surprisingly, Christine is passionate about space and astronomy, an interest we have in common, that I found out about on her website. Space just completely blows my mind but like Christine, it’s just something to the side that interests me.

When I asked her about her thoughts on the class she said she thinks the class is interesting and at first when she signed up for the class, she thought it would be more hands on like drawing and stuff but she says isn’t so bad either. But as for the interviews, she says, “…it is hard, that’s why I have Melanie helping me…so we can attack one person…” (Haha). As for college in general, Christine describes having much more freedom and doesn’t really miss high school except for seeing her friends on a daily basis.

One of the other questions I asked her was where she would like to travel. She said that she and her siblings promised that they are going to go to Japan together which is pretty cool! She also says that she and one of her friends want to go bakery hopping across Paris which she says is a dream but I hope it happens because it’s such a great idea!

Glad I met Christine! Check out her website here.


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