FullSizeRenderTo be honest, I do not know who the artist of this exhibit is, but I like it because I think its neat that there’s a neon sign that reads swine and a small, baby, neon pink pig to accompany it. The exhibit was placed in the Merlino gallery which was closed and had the lights turned off, to show off the neon lights. I also don’t know what could be behind this, like if there’s a reason that the artist decided to do this, but I really enjoyed it. I really liked the pieces in the Merlino Gallery, they were very different from the pieces in the other galleries. The artist wasn’t there, so I wasn’t able to ask questions about their intentions and their influences. I would say though that it has something to do with vegetarianism because it shows an innocent, defenseless, baby pig in a fetal position.

A few days ago my brother and I were talking about pigs and I mentioned how one of my friends had a full cooked pig for her birthday party a while back and how it saddened me. How could I eat a pig when its practically watching me eat it? However, it looked so peaceful with it’s eyes closed just as the baby pig in the picture. I didn’t eat any part of the pig because I just felt so bad. I didn’t become a vegetarian though, I feel like that would be very hard to do because my culture involves eating food with some type of meat in basically every dish. I also sympathize with pigs because I’ve always wanted a pet baby pig, they’re just so cute! But, I digress.

I enjoyed looking at all of the artwork this week and I commend all of the artists.


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