IMG_8894A picture is worth a thousand words. I don’t think I can come up with a thousand words but here we go.

The story behind this picture: That’s me, laying on the street, with an empty beer bottle in my hand courtesy of my godfather ( I did not drink it!). The car that you see is my cousin’s truck and he was going home already. We had a party this weekend so I thought this could be the perfect opportunity for this assignment and with the help of my cousin I was able to come up with this picture.

Let’s think about a possible scenario: It’s a saturday night and it’s been a shitty week, so as an easy escape, I decide to get drunk. After drinking a few beers at home alone, I decide to take my one man party outside my sad and lonely home. It’s 1 a.m. and I’m stumbling alone on the streets, looking up at the clear sky after it’s just rained, I am mesmerized by the stars and out of nowhere, a car hits me and it’s all over. The misery is over and in less than 10 seconds my life is over, what must have been going through my drunk mind, I don’t know. The worst part is no one knows that I am dead and no one knew what troubled me. The person who was driving fled the scene and I was found an hour later by a stranger. The End.

*It’s aΒ sad story but I like it because I feel like this is realistic, however, it’s not a true story because I am alive (lol duh) and I don’t drink.This was kind of a fun assignment but it was difficult for me to act dead while we had a party going on and my family was watching me lay down on the street, I’m pretty sure they thought I was actually drunk. It was a bit funny because my aunt actually thought my cousin hit me with the car and she was freaking out.

Overall this brought many laughs, from my family and myself.


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