pic from Allison Wendell’s website

This week I was able to meet Nicole Ilagan. Nicole is a second year student (sophomore) and film major here at Cal State Long Beach. Nicole resides in Orange County and graduated from Troy high school with an expertise in drumline.

After a perpetual search for this week’s interviewee, I found Nicole who was also having a tough time searching for someone to interview. She was sitting with my friend AnnaJoy so I joined them and found out she still needed someone! (YAY!)

I already knew of Nicole because of College Beat so I was a bit familiar with her but I didn’t know much about her. My first question for Nicole was what she thought of the class, her response: “I like it…I mean I hate like trying to find new interview people because I feel like these people are trying to avoid you…but I like it because I get to know people and their stories because as a film maker, that’s what I want to do.” She also likes looking at the artwork because it inspires people and it inspires her as well, it allows her to think. She describes herself as one of those art people that wants to make others think. As a film maker she wants to create intellectual films that have a purpose not just some crappy Hollywood blockbuster.

pic from Nicole’s website

Because of College Beat, Nicole is a very busy person but she still finds time to have fun.Her two main sources of fun are surfing and going to concerts! (FUN!) Nicole says she’d like to start surfing more often, she tries to go every weekend, in fact, she planned to go this weekend! I hope all went well. The last concert she went to was 21 pilots, she describes them as a “weird group” because their instruments include ukeleles, drums, and the lead singer even raps sometimes! After listening to their music I was ecstatic because I found a new band to listen to! The ukelele adds an upbeat tempo and its very uplifting, it put me in a great mood. Nicole also loves this band because they encourage people to think and create. She’s seen the band perform four times already and she’s met the drummer many times.

I also asked Nicole what’s the most rebellious thing she’s ever done. She said she’s never done anything rebellious however she’s witnessed her friends do rebellious things and often she wants to stop them. (Good job Nicole!) She did mention, however, that as a film maker she’s probably filmed in places illegally but she didn’t get caught so its fine.I also asked her where she would like to travel, she said she’d like to go to Greece and Thailand because she loves the food and she wants to ride an elephant, who wouldn’t!? My final question for Nicole was if she was going to dress up for Halloween and she is, as a few things actually. She has a couple places to go so she’s going to be Pluto, a Donut Queen, and Peter Pan.

I’m so glad I got to interview Nicole, she’s such a cool person! I mean she’s a film maker, she goes to awesome concerts and she surfs!!! Check out Nicole’sΒ website to find out more about Β her and her work.


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