So this week we have to make our websites our own, we have to create a website pertaining to us and our interests, not just an Art110 ePortfolio. This activity is somewhat difficult for me because I don’t feel like I do anything worth posting, I don’t have interesting hobbies and I don’t even have a set major so that I can write about that. (UGH I’m such a boring person!)But, even if I did have a major, I wouldn’t want to base a whole website off of it because chances are, it would be boring. With that being said, I have decided to just make this a personal blog and posting things up that I do once or twice a week, depending on how exciting they are. This will be a website about trying to figure out what I want to do inΒ my life (since I’m so clueless) and who I want to become. I will also post up a few things that interest me like my love for Once Upon a TimeΒ or pumpkin carving with my little sister. I’d also like to post up the little adventures I have with my best friends, who are very interesting and have a youtube channel and joint blog. Basically this is going to be an online diary, I’m going to show another side of me apart from all of the Art110 assignments.

Now for our website transformations, at first I had the theme Oxygen:Β Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 6.33.52 PM

But we required a new theme so I chose The Columnist Theme:

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 7.49.22 PM

It was kind of difficult for me to find a new theme because I overthink everything and I am not very good at commitment, however small it may be. I’m still not sure if I like this theme but for the time being, it will do. It’s also hard for me to navigate through wordpress and customize my own site, so I tried to go for an easy to manage theme. I like the idea of a blog and writing out my thoughts and ideas so I want to continue to do that, it’ll be like my online diary. I might just create a different website and link it but for now this is it. I am very excited to do this and on the road learn how to navigate through wordpress like a pro and technology in general. Let’s hope this helps me become a more interesting person!


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