FullSizeRenderThis week I had the pleasure of meeting Albert Macias, a freshman and business major at CSULB. I met him through my friends Diana and AnnaJoy who have previously interviewed him. I was excited to interview him because both Anna and Diana said good things about him.

I already knew his name but I still asked what his name was and it just ignited laughter from both of us and Stephanie (she’s not enrolled in the class but comes anyway), who was helping me out. Anyway, I never really know what to ask in interviews so I looked up some random questions online, the first one being: How do you feel about golden Oreos?, a ridiculous question but it was the subject of our conversation before we started (LOL), his answer: original OreoFullSizeRenders are better (agreed). I also went on to ask him about his favorite restaurant which is Urth Cafe,his favorite place: his bed, favorite color:Β teal and finally a more interesting question: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? He replied with Spain, saying,”I would go visit the historical sites and more likely the churches, the cathedrals there, its really pretty from the pictures I’ve seen.”

After we got through with the ridiculous questions like “ketchup or mustard?”, we went on to the better questions like asking him about fashion which is one of his main interests. Because he loves fashion, I asked what his favorite clothing brand is which is American Apparel, he says he loves it because of its simplicity, this then led to a conversation about his own clothing company that he’s been working on for years. He plans on creating an online store that sells basic t-shirts but after talking to a lot of people in Art110, he got the idea of incorporating cute quotesΒ on them that are positive like “Hello Gorgeous” (inspired by his nephew). He’s also started working on a logo which is looking pretty good. He also says he needs to start designing a couple of shirts and getting samples of those shirts and promoting them.FullSizeRender

Towards the end, I asked him what he thought about the class and here’s what he said, “…if it wasn’t for this class, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to actually start it (his online store) to actually start funding for it.” I think Albert has great things going for him and I believe his creation will become successful, I wish him nothing but the best of luck!

After our interview, Albert and Stephanie continued talking about his online store and ways that she can help, which I thought was pretty great! I hope I can help him in any way as well! It also turns out the Albert and Stephanie went to the same high school! #cray

Visit Albert’s website here.

Find Stephanie here.


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