This week I walked in to the galleries and I wasn’t really amazed as I was in past exhibitions, I’m not saying that the art was bad (obviously I know nothing about art) but it just didn’t appeal to me to me personally, nothing really jumped out, except for one.

Walking into the Dutzi Gallery, was the Then and Now exhibition featuring a variety of artists one of which was Christopher Wilden. IMG_8334

A simple piece of paper with two hands holding a phone with the words Tap to Pray on the top says so much about our generation and how we’ve come to depend on technology so much, not just as a way to communicate but also as a source to our supposed social lives. We depend on our phones and our other electronics everyday and most likely, we would not be able to function without them. The world revolves around technology and most people if not all would definitely agree that it is our world’s greatest advancement but it also comes with its flaws. We fail to see that we are becoming consumed by the screens of social medias and we pay more attention to our phones than we do to actual people.

I was not able to speak with the author because he was not there at the time but, I’d assume that Wilden has realized that we treasure and worship our phones, electronics, and social medias too much. People believe that just by double-tapping a post, or tapping a like button is going to solve the world’s problems but its not. Liking or reposting something may bring awareness to a problem but nothing will actually get done unless we physically do something about it, we can’t solve an issue just by living from behind a screen. 1 like = 1 prayer does not count unless you actually pray. Wilden’s artwork is a great eye-opener and it’s come to show the flaws in our generation. I applaud him on his great work! I was unable to find anything on the artist but I found something else.

A while back I found this video on YouTube (ironic) of what could happen if we “look up” and away from our phones. It has a great message and I feel that it correlates with Wilden’s artwork. It’s an amazing video and I actually got a little emotional after watching it, here it is: 


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