This week I was able to interview 2 of the band members from Plastic Castle, a Los Angeles based psychedelic rock band.

Meet Andrew AraFullSizeRendergon and Anthony Diaz, two juniors at The Beach who have been in bands together since their sophomore year in high school. They both chose to come to this school because it was close and convenient. They’ve been in 3 different bands together and they first met when they formed their first band which was a punk/ska rock band that lasted throughout their high school careers.

Although they are avid musicians, their majors don’t really revolve around music. Andrew’s major is psychology which he says he plans on getting a BA in and then focus entirely on his music, while Anthony’s major is computer science, he also says he’d like to get into audio tech. They both stated that they’d choose music over anything because that’s what they’re really passionate about, it’s their main priority besides school. They’d both like to minor in music but Andrew states he’d rather get through with college quickly so that he can focus on his music 24/7.

Their band consists of four members, each bringing their different talents into play. Andrew plays the guitar and Anthony plays bass but they’d both like to eventually learn how to play pretty much every instrument. They’ve been in this band, Plastic Castle, for about a year and a half. I asked why they named their band Plastic Castle, a very unique name for a band, which is needed nowadays considering the amount of bands coming about. They decided to go with Plastic because plastic can be molded into anything and it also usually implies bright colors and kid toys so being in a psychedelic band, colors are very important and like plastic, their band shifts according to the different genres that influence them and they also chose Castle because they wanted something bold to follow after. Nobody in the band minded the name so they stuck with it. Prior to this, their band was named Soma but there were so many other bands with that name that it would be impossible to get recognized.

As for the future of Plastic Castle, Andrew and Anthony both believe that this band will go far, nonetheless, they will continue making music no matter what. They both plan on collaborating with each other pretty much for the rest of their lives, it comes to show their great friendship and seriousness with their music career. Their next gig will probably be in Hermosa Beach on November 8th.

Check out Andrew’s website

Check out Anthony’s website

Check out Plastic Castle on:





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