IMG_0004_2This week I was impressed by the dynamic duo that consists of Yee Li and Maggie Freed. I was initially impressed by their work because of the colors they used, mostly bright pink and a greenish color but once I was pulled into the art gallery I saw that this was not the work of one artist but of two who collabed with each other.

Within the artwork I saIMG_0012_2w many angles, shapes, mostly triangles and a lot of lines cluttered and interweaved which according to the artists symbolizes being entangled and trapped and also how things overlap. They also said that it was a representation of anxiety and stress and this I presume is their way of expressing themselves and relieving their stress. Using oil they are able to successfully execute their stress onto canvases and turn it into art, something that everyone can enjoy. I would not be able to do this, I just become this big ball of stress and anxiety with no way of relief except in anger. Maybe I should try this out.

IMG_0006_2It’s also nice to know the reality behind the art, these aren’t just happy and bright oil paintings, they are symbolic of frustrating and confusing times and the fact that Li and Freed are able to encompass this proves that it’s okay for us to feel this way and that we should feel this way (especially in college) because after all we are human, and what or who would we be if we never got stressed out (not human lol).

Because this exhibition was a collaboration, Li and Freed had to work together so we had to ask “the question”, how it is working with each other. Since Freed wasn’t there to answer yet, Li was able to speak on behalf saying that they’re both very laid back people and if someone didn’t like something they’d just get rid of it. They had what Li called a “no bitchy attitude” policy, which obviously worked since they’re show was successful and they will actually have another show on October 26th.

I wasn’t able to find a specific website on them but here is more from the tag lifreed.


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