This week I feel like it was the BEST WEEK so far in Art 110!

IMG_8297Living in the LA area my whole life it is sad to say that I haven’t been to many places, one of these places being the infamous Venice Beach with its eccentric but good vibes and interesting inhabitants. Yes it’s true, this was my first time at Venice Beach and I was so happy that I was able to enjoy it with my friends. I was so excited to be there that I wanted to document the event so I made a video that is still in progress but for now I will share my experience with words and a few pictures.


I spray-painted both my name Conny and C-Dawg which (fun fact) surprisingly caught on and is what my family and some of my friends call me since my sophomore year in high school.

To be honest, I was like a kid going to Disneyland for the first time, this is how magical everyone made Venice Beach seem especially after I researched it and learned more about the city and its origin. I also really wanted to go because of the Z-boys, a surf and skate team that originated in the heart of Venice in the 70s, I wanted to see where they came from and where they roamed around in skateboards like 40 years ago. So anyway, when we first got to the walls, there was an immediate stench of marijuana but I didn’t really care because I just wanted to spray paint. We picked out the perfect wall which was adjacent to that of this guy we met who is an avid spray-painter, he was very cool and helpful and he even said he wants to transfer to our school after community college since he’s taken up a real interest in art. Overall, spray painting wasn’t as hard as I thought and it was definitely a fun experience! especially the $1 churros! Walking around I was able to take in the surroundings, those of which I am not accustomed to, it was kind of a hectic atmosphere, there’s people everywhere! But, I would definitely go back the people there are pretty cool and laid back and there’s just whole other world of spray-painting that I would like to get to know. VENICE WAS GREAT!!!

Watch my video on Vimeo HERE.

This video took forever to make because I suck at this stuff and it took a loooong time to upload and I had to do it all over once since it didn’t work the first time but watevs its done! Enjoy!


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