Picture from dcmartinez.com, taken and edited by Diana Martinez

This week I was excited to interview my new friend at Art110, the great Allison Wendell!

I met Allison through our mutual friend, Anna Joy, and boy am I grateful! In the few weeks that I’ve known Allison, I’ve had many laughs but also many serious and deep conversations about life. We’ve also bonded over our mutual love for Once Upon a Time, a show on ABC that’s on Sunday’s at 8 pm (that I’m watching right now!!!!! #CaptainSwan all the way!!!!) I thought Allison is a pretty great person, and she’s hilarious too! So I thought I’d like to know a bit more about her.

Allison is a film major and a freshman at The Beach, like many of our Art110 classmates, because of her major, she had to take this class as a requirement. She also mentioned that she isn’t taking any classes regarding her major (me either #sad).

My first question for Allison was what she thought of this class, her response: She likes it because it allowed her to meet a lot of cool people (ME) and the art is very interesting, and it allows her to think outside the box, I also asked her if the class was what she expected it to be, she thought we were going to learn about the arts, classical art and romanticism, “basically I thought this was going to be an art history class,” she says but then when she received the syllabus she was a bit surprised but went with the flow.

Since Allison is a film major, I asked about her favorite movies which are: Howl’s Moving Castle, Fight Club, Reservoir Dogs, Pride and Prejudice (with Kiera Knightley), and About Time to name a few. I also asked about any film projects, she hasn’t worked on any recently but she some from high school, particularly a music video she is proud of that she made using a French song, and I’ve got to say its pretty awesome! She should def take pride in it! Watch this video and more on her youtube channel here.


From French Girls App, Allison’s selfie w/ Diana and my drawing of them

I also asked Allison where she was from, I kind of knew knew she was from the bay area (awesome!!!) but didn’t exactly know where. As I discovered, she’s 30 mins away from San Fransisco, “if you look at the bay, it looks like a mermaid, we’re at the ponytail holder” as she describes it! lol! Being that she’s from Northern California, I asked her about the biggest transition from the bay to Long Beach, her immediate answer: the weather! She’s not used to having 100 degree weather, especially these past few days! She’s also getting used to being away from her family, right now she is living with her aunt who lives in Huntington Beach so she commutes to school. One thing she mentioned was that her and her cousin swapped places because she lived her and moved to San Fransisco to go to school and Allison moved here for school! I thought it was quite ironic but cool!

My next question was if she spoke another language, she replied with a sad no but that she did take French in high school, she wants to continue learning French and Spanish as well. Speaking of Spanish, she went to Costa Rica and that has inspired her to learn the language. Along with Costa Rica, she’s also been to Canada, Mexico, England, and France. When asked about her favorite place, she freaked out!! “Conny NO!!!” she exclaimed! (lol Sorry Allison I had to ask!!!) She was so excited tho! She says she really liked England, “its gorgeous, it’s cold, opposite of this place and super green and people talk like this all the time (British accent lol) but personally France, just cause thats my weather preferences and you know the culture” I could really hear the excitement in her voice as she spoke! it was great.

When I asked about her hobbies, Allison jokingly responded with, ” I like to be a hitman, I like to murder people for fun, um I like to like you know kill animals but that’s on the side, [chuckles] no but I like writing, I don’t do it enough anymore because I don’t have any motivation, I like reading, I like watching television, Netflix, petting cats, animals (laughs) having good food, eating, it’s bad and harassing my cousin (lol).

When I asked her if she had any last words, she said “everything you know is a lie, take the red pill.” (matrix reference? embrace reality).

This was a long interview! but only because Allison is a very interesting person! At the end of our interview, I concluded by saying that basically Allison is f-ing weird (insert laughing/crying emoji here) but honestly she’s really cool! Talk to her yourself and you’ll see! She’s an amazing human being and I’m glad I got to meet her!!

Visit Allison’s website here.  


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