IMG_8061This week’s assignment was drawing, but it wasn’t your typical drawing, no paper or writing utensils were used, just an iPhone and a finger.

I’ve got to say I was a little worried that our assignment this week was drawing because I’m not good at all, but when Glenn explained the assignment I was relieved! Drawing on our devices was pretty cool, especially with this app, French Girls. This App enables users to post up selfies and and let them be drawn by complete strangers! That’s all it is, you put up a selfie and wait for others to draw it and while you wait, you can draw others! Another feature of the app is when you sign up to use it, they make up a ridiculous and unique user name for you! (which you can change later.) My username is BunklyCrustyKitten as you can see on the picture to the right. It also sets the first selfie you take as the profile pic, so I had to take a decent one HAHA. You can also look through other drawings and I’ve gotta say some of these are AMAZING, they are precise and look handmade portraits while others are ridiculously inaccurate and hilarious.

One of my favFullSizeRenderorites is a drawing done by mirai (left) because it looks like the selfies duplicate, its amazing how someone can draw this through an app! Some people are just #blessed with great artistic skFullSizeRenderills! Another one of my favorites is one done by Diana (AKA the Superstar), her username is nah_nah and she drew a bomb because the guy is “bomb” LOL (right). She wasn’t able to capture his good looks with her skills so she opted for a bomb, a clear representation of what she thought ofΒ his selfie, he’s pretty bomb, nowadays thats perceived as a compliment, a synonym for handsome. I thought this was funny so I followed in her footsteps and drew one of my own (bottom left), however instead of drawing a bomb to represent his good looks I used a heart-eye emoji, indicating that he’s a good-looking guy haha. I tFullSizeRenderhought it was fun, and I’m pretty sure Sucks_At_Drawing, got a kick out of it too and a boost of self-esteem.

Here are a couple more of my drawings:FullSizeRender

I thought I did a decent job for not being artistic and using my finger to draw.


I only posted up 3 selfies and 2 of them were of my little sister so only one of my selfies got drawn and it was pretty good! I was surprised but thankful that it actually looked like me and not something completely different. Overall, it was a great experience and its also a great way to pasIMG_8073s time. Get the app here and start having fun!


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