This week I was amazed by EFullSizeRendermily Babbette’s exhibition of oil pastels on canvas. Her work revolves around nature and outdoor landscape painting which means she strives to capture nature’s beauty on canvas right when she sees, “en plein air” as they call it. I think this is amazing because she is able to capture all the color and beauty of the landscape right then and there which I think is difficuFullSizeRenderlt but then again, I’m not an artist. What drew me to her paintings was the color, from outside the gallery I saw so much green and pop of color and I was immediately pulled in as if it had a gravitational pull, the title was also intriguing, Lost and Found. I take it has to do with the fact that her family is scattered through Canada and Australia and she has to go back to the places to where she’s from in order to reconnect. Although she cannot go back whenever she wants to those places, she’ll always have these paintings to look back to and fall into that connection all over again.

I love these pieces because I loFullSizeRenderve looking at nature and taking pictures of it. Looking at nature soothes me and I’d like to look and go see those places myself because it all just looks so beautiful and I’d like to take it all in while I’m still alive and able to appreciate it. Nature is just so beautiful and I feel like if I were to just sit and look at the places she immortalized, I’d start crying because its just so amazing. FullSizeRender

Babbette explained that she likes color and abstract art so that plays into her artwork as well as good lighting, because like I say, its always about the lighting, its also  stressed through the lighting used in the galleries, it enhances and plays up the colors in the oil canvases. It’s truly extraordinary, I’d love to travel and paint what I see ‘en plein air’ but I’m a hopeless artist, I’ll just leave it to the pros and stare at their artwork. I hope to see more of Emily Babbette’s work because it’s iFullSizeRendernspiring, I don’t know what it is but there’s just something about nature that makes me want to live more, its probably wanting to go see the world’s wonders for myself that’s the incentive. I probably didn’t word that correctly but I hope you understand.

Pictured are some of my favorites.

I don’t know for sure if this is her official website but there’s more of her work here, definitely check it out!


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