This week I was blown away by Cheyenne Ochoa, a Freshman and Film major at The Beach! Cheyenne went to high school in Corona at Centennial High School and currently resides at Beachside right next to PCH.

photoWe found each other in one of the galleries as we were searching for someone to interview, for some reason its very difficult to find people to interview. Anyway, we went outside and sat at one of those cement tables and asked our questions away.

My first question was, Why did you decide to take this class? Her response, it was a requirement for her major; I should’ve figured that out since she is a film major. At first she thought this class was weird and thought that we were going to draw and paint, but that isn’t the case, she describes the class as art appreciation and thinks its interesting, she also likes Glenn’s teaching methods and his perspective on art.

Since she is into film, I asked her if she had any projects of her own and she does! She has a few videos on her youtube channel that she made in high school with the help of her dad which is very supportive of her work and he has also influenced her to pursue a degrphotoee in film.

Cheyenne happens to be an only child and when she told me that, I was astounded, I’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like if I were an only child, and be the way she describes it, its pretty awesome! She said her parents are divorced but she doesn’t mind because she’s able to spend quality time with both of her parents and it’s pretty balanced. When she’s with her mom, the thing they like to do the most is travel together around the world which sounds A M A Z I N G ! ! ! She’s been to Mexico, Japan, China, Greece, and more recently London. Cheyenne describes all of these places with such excitement, her favorite place was London and she says she cried when she left because it is “the most amazing city in the world.” She says Ireland is next on their list(LUCKY!).When she’s with her dad she says their thing is going to movie and TV show panels, they also like filming and watching movies, and they also go to concerts together, her most recent one being One Direction which she absolutely loves!

What an exciting life Cheyenne lives! We had an exciting conversation and I’m glad I was able to interview because she is very interesting. Check out her videos and her channel here.

Go to Cheyenne’s website! 


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