pic123This week’s favorite’s was a collection of photographs from various artists, the pictures didn’t have labels with the artists’ names so I didn’t know who the pictures belonged to but there’s a list that shows all the different artists’ names. I pretty mphotouch loved all of the pictures in this gallery but my favorites were the black and white bridges. These bridges look like the bridges in LA, I bet they are though, I haven’t been to LA in a while. But, these bridges remind me of the place where I come from which is Los Angphotoeles, a culturally rich and diverse city that is surrounded by art, whether it be graffiti, murals, or architecture, it’s part of the city. It also reminds me of the history behind these bridges. They built were t a long time ago and they still stand today. Its great to see that some people still appreciate Victorian architecture and know its value. These photos are timeless and I can look at photothem and see what Los Angeles used to look like before it was overridden by industrialism. It’s a great site to see and its sad to know that some of these bridges are up for demolition but through these pictures we are able to look back and see the beauty of the architecture immortalized in a frame.


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