At the end of my day

This week our assignment was to dress up or act like we normally wouldn’t and ask people based on that to guess our major. Well, since I usually dress kind of like a tomboy and always have my hair up, I decided to dress the opposite.


#bless the good lighting

So, on Thursday, instead of wearing my signature jeans and a t-shirt with my old skool vans, I opted for a pink dress and sandals with straightened hair instead of my curly hair in a braid or a ponytail (will post pics later). I also decided to do something a little different with my face. I never wear make-up, prom was the only exception, but on Thursday, I applied a bit of lipstick, one my mom bought me a while back, a couple of coats of mascara, and I got my eyebrows done which I hadn’t done since prom! Wednesday night, I straightened my newly short hair and it was so frustrating but I did it on my own! #proud. Anyway, that’s the only make-up I felt comfortable wearing, isn’t it weird that I feel more comfortable without make-up? For other girls it’s the opposite. I also felt out of place when I stepped out of the car in a freaking pink dress to go to school! My hair and my sunglasses were covering my face so I was glad no one could see how uncomfortable I was (lol).

When I asked people what they thought my name would be I got mixed replies like Jennifer, Jasmine, Dana, Jessica, Jordana, and Sarah, a lot of names starting with J’s, maybe I should change my name HAHA jk. When I said it was Conny, I saw their faces look a bit confused, probably thinking, What kind of name is that? To tell you the truth I don’t know, I’ve never met anyone with my name. When I asked them about my major, I got mostly business, nursing, education, and feminist? Because of the pink dress, but honestly I’m still undecided, can I major in that? haha.

I really enjoyed this activity because it gave me a chance to be someone I am not usually. I saw someone else within myself and it was odd at first but towards the end of the day I was loving the freedom of a dress and the wind blowing through my hair. It could take some time to get used to wearing dresses more often but I feel like I can pull it off, and the compliments throughout the day were a bonus! My new friends said they almost didn’t recognize me and I thought, Wow maybe I should dress like a girl more often, hah! I’ve gotten used to wearing what’s comfortable because it’s just what I’ve grown up to do since I was raised surrounded by a bunch of boys. For a long time I was the only girl around when there were 6 boys living all together (my cousins and my brother) I had no feminine influence but now that I’ve grown older and know whats up I’m trying to assimilate because that’s what I want to do, I’m not one of the boys anymore and it’s time to grow up.

(will post more pics later)


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