This week our assignment was to go to the beach! (YAY) Well not really, our assignment took place at the beach but what we had to do mostly dealt with the wet sand. Plaster casting was difficult, mostly because it was hard to keep our sand-made molds intact but also because the plaster got hard very quickly. It was a fun experience! I got to go with Diana, the superstar at Art110, and we were able to enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon at the beach! We even met a little boy named Felipe that wanted to help us but ended up messing up Diana’s mold, it was pretty funny. My foot on the other hand came out pretty good! I originally wanted to do a peace sign with my hand but I was quite unsuccessful so I settled for my foot which came out better thanphoto I expected. The weather was great today, as opposed to the past few weeks, it was genuine California weather, I hope this means it’ll start to cool down. I’m glad we were able to go down to the beach for this assignment, it was very relaxing.

Check out the homie Diana’s site for more pics and a video of our experience!


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