This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jose Luis a freshman and psychology major at The Beach. Jose is from Los Angeles and also speaks Spanish. What first caught photomy attention about Jose Luis was that he was carrying a sword with him and naturally I wondered, Why? My friend Stephanie and I approached Jose with that one question in mind, turns out he had a cultural artifacts speech for his class but he also says that he recently started collecting swords and training himself with them too! Another interesting fact about Jose is that he works in the Design building (just like Stephanie!) checking out art supplies to other students. When Stephanie heard this she was surprised, “You’re Jose!?!”, apparently they have some sort of rivalry at work although they have never met until now. It was funny to see them arguing about who was the better employee.IMG_3172

Once we got that out of the way, I asked him more of the general questions like why he decided to take this class, he originally thought that the class was about drawing, which I’m sure many people thought, so being that one of his hobbies is drawing, he chose it. But, to his surprise, and many others’, it “turns out that we’re always gallery walking, it’s not what I expected…” but says that he likes it because it’s new to him and its something he’s never done. I also asked him about his major, which is psychology but he thinks he might switch because he also likes engineering. This is a common struggle for college freshman, its hard for us to decide what we want to do. Ahh the struggle!

photoI also asked him what his favorite piece was from this week’s rotation, he said that one of his favorites was a piece from the Rave exhibit by Helena Bae and Oscar Mendoza. It consisted of very colorful canvases with what looked like pieces of trash such as netting and rope, it also incorporated spray paint and a lot of texture. The reason why he likes it is because it reminds him of boardwalk with all the netting and once I looked at it again, I was able to see what he saw.

It was great to have met someone like Jose, you wouldn’t think that he’d be interested in swords just by looking at him. You just never know who you’re going to meet in Art110. I’m excited for next week! Check out Jose’s website! 


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