This week I had the pleasure of meeting AnnaJoy, an 18-year-old freshman at The Beach. This week she had the honor of being the envelope girl, a very exclusive job in Art 110(LOL). I have to say she did an great job, it wphotoas quite funny to see her running around through the crowd collecting everyones I.D. copies.

Anyway, I met Anna as we were both roaming through Patricia Rangel’s exhibition consisting of dirt and metals. Her favorite piece from here was a heart-shaped metal contraption, which is not actually a heart but just a map of Trish’s hometown. We continued looking at her artwork while we asked each other questions. I asked her the common question, why did you decide to take this class? Her response was similar to mine, it was the only other option besides theater and after her experience with choir, she was through with the performing arts. I also asked about her major which happens to be Pre-Nursing, a major I was considering as well but changed my mind and apparently she’s having second thoughts too, “This major to be honest….I hate it, but if I were to be an art major I’d have to compete with other very talented people and I don’t want to do that cause I love art, I don’t want to compete but I do want to make a profit off of it some day.”

I’m pretty suIMG_8620re Anna could profit from her creations since this is one of her hobbies and she is very talented. IMG_4843Currently Anna is working on her zines, which she is making a kickstarter video about. These zines are what she hopes become profitable and I believe they will. We continued talking about the content on her zines and the way she lit up when she spoke about them gave me insight on how passionate she is about them. As you saw on Diana’s post here about Anna’s pink journal, her zines are inspired by what she contains in that book, her zines are based on her daily doodles and thoughts and they’re really about her life and the way she depicts herself through them. It’s cool to see how she reveals a part of her life through her drawings and now her zines.

Anna is amazingly talented, artistic, and creative, checkout her website here.


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