photoWalking into Christopher Vavrek’s, Server and Protect the Virus, I immediately thought, what the hell is this?, not to be rude or anything but it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen! It was a huge exhibit which took up the whole gallery with its wires, lights, TVs, and computers, we literally had to watch our step so tphotohat we wouldn’t trip. Honestly I don’t know what I was supposed to make of it but I had an idea and unfortunately the artist wasn’t there so I was unable to ask.

These were just some of the many things that were in this exhibit many different lights and colors being projected from projectors and very old televisions and computers, it all revolved around technology and now that I think about it, the art was setup in sort of a maze and it was hard to get through, maybe its part of the underlying meaninphotog, one which I couldn’t make out but I know there’s something there. Anyway, I was very intrigued by this artwork and I wonder still what the artist’s inspiration was for this. I also wondered how hard it must have been to put it all together, it must have been very time-consuming to put everything in it’s spot. I would not have the patience to get everything right, which I’m pretty sure is an integral part of being an artist and is also why which I am not an artist.

I may not know a lot about art but I know that this does have many artistic qualities I would never be able to reciprocate or even understand.


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