Our assignment this week was to phototake four instagram pictures throughout our day that reflected our daily activities from the instant we wake up to the end of our day. This assignment was something I was looking forward to and something I believe that all of my classmates would enjoy doing as well. We all used the same hashtag (#art110f14)  in order to see everyone’s posts. It was definitely something very cool to see because I don’t know everyone in our class so it was a chance to see a little glimpse of their lives. The hashtag also gave my classmates an opportunity to find out who was in Art110 and what they thought was worthy of posting on instagram. When I looked at all the pictures I thought of it as a huge collection of pictures from Art110f14 but once I selected a picture, it became an individual’s picture and not everyone else’s. Our pictures grouped together showed the things we had in common like all of us being CSULB students and being in Art110 and hating the daily parking struggle. But, once we select different pictures it shows us that we are all extremely different people. We come from different high schools, live in different cities, different ethnicities, and believe in different things. We are all distinct and unique individuals however we have all come together and placed ourselves in this giant group because we all share a few common interests whether it be because we are art majors, we want to take a fun class or because we just need this class to graduate but the point is we are all here and something has brought us together. This was a great and easy assignment that allowed us all to learn a little bit more about each other. It was nice to see the life of a lot of people I’ve never met before but that I hope I get to meet soon. 


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