This is Diana Martinez, one of my many classmates from Art 110.

photoShe is 18 years young and is a freshman at CSULB and plans on majoring in Marketing. She comes from a family of five consisting of her parents, her younger sister, which is a sophomore in high school, and a very cute dog.

I first spotted Diana in one of the galleries wearing her plaid button up tied around her waist which was the conversation starter (I’ve been searching for the perfect plaid shirt and she had it!). Anyway, once she spoke her first sentence, I was immediately astounded at what an upbeat and enthusiastic person she is! (Her friends must be so lucky!). We spoke about our favorite pieces in the gallery, hers being an Indefinite Obsession by Shelbi Schroeder. 

When I asked her why she decided to take this class, she responded with a laugh,”…it was the one class where the description said it didn’t require actual drawing and I’m not a really good artist when it comes to drawing, sculpting, painting, or anything that requires my hand and a stencil so I thought this class is the class for me.” 

As our short but very informative conversation continued, she revealed one of her favorite hobbies which is making youtube videos! I thought this was amazing! She enjoys going on adventures and vlogging her experiences with her friends, (again very lucky!) and dressing up for fun and taking the perfect IG picture, which is what inspired her classic and very appropriate California weather outfit today. We continued talking about her passion for making videos and although she loves doing this, she admits to being a “shitty editor” (LOL). Her biggest two projects to date are a documentary for Stay Gallery, an art gallery where she spends many of her weekends with her BFF Steph, and an end-of-the-year video for her high school which is an amazing video about the seniors and their last year in high school, it was an epic and nostalgic recap of an unforgettable year and brought many tears and joy to those who were in it and to those who watched it.


Diana (left) and I (right)

Wow what an amazing person Diana Martinez is! I never thought I could meet such a talented young women! Her videos are amazing and her editing  skills are not at all bad. Watch her videos here. If you ever come across her don’t hesitate to go up to her and ask about her videos. I look forward to getting to know her better as well as my other classmates who may be hiding their interesting hobbies. Check out Diana’s website



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